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Partnering with Zayo

A Shared Commitment to Customers

The Zayo Partner program provides the opportunity to leverage our leading infrastructure products for your customers. With our expansive network and deep knowledge, we can help create the right solutions for your customers — and help grow your business.

Referral Partners

Referral Partners earn a one-time commission for each new signed contract that they refer to us for Zayo products and offerings. A number of data center hosting companies have entered this program and are earning revenue while complementing their existing offerings with our high-bandwidth solutions. Read more about Referral Partners >

Indirect Partners

Indirect partners provide significant value in the sales cycle and help establish strategic relationships in the telecom market. In return, they earn recurring monthly payments based on solutions sold through Zayo. Read more about Indirect Partners >

Technology Partners

Technology Partners are trusted industry leaders that have developed strategic relationships with Zayo. We value their industry expertise and collaborate with them to offer leading-edge solutions for our customers.