Meeting the Challenges of Enterprise IT with SD-WAN

Enterprise SD-WAN (Software-defined Wide Area Network) technology addresses the challenge of WAN management. SD-WAN enables enterprise customers to mix underlying access technologies, for example, IP-VPN and DIA, as part of a unified WAN solution — making the overall network more cost-effective.

Above the Clouds
Kicking “–aaS” with Cloud Basics

…plus getting connected via CloudLink. A comprehensive guide to understanding “as a service” cloud options, the difference between public, private and hybrid cloud plus how to get connected.

A New Framework for Carrier Ethernet

MEF 3.0 to Enable Agile, Assured and Orchestrated Services. Zayo is taking a leadership role in shaping carrier ethernet third generation standards and capabilities both as a company and as part of MEF, which is chaired by Zayo Enterprise Networks President Mike Strople.