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Cloud Networking: Enabling Hybrid and Federated Cloud Environments


By: Mike Ruth
Director, Strategic Marketing & Alliances

Cloud Networking: Enabling Hybrid and Federated Cloud Environments

Today’s blog is a continuation of my journey exploring the challenges and options to leverage the growth and power of cloud computing as enterprises begin the shift from cloud-first to cloud-only stances. Since my last blog in mid-September, Zayo has continued to expand our cloud connectivity footprint with our CloudLink product. We’ve added cloud networking on-ramps in Amsterdam and coming soon in Montreal, Singapore, Atlanta, and Las Vegas.

As I’ve noted before, network connectivity can be an afterthought of a well-designed cloud infrastructure and is especially critical as enterprises adopt more hybrid and more federated cloud architectures. The challenges for companies, from SMBs to multinationals, compound when utilizing one (or more) cloud for enterprise SaaS applications (e.g., Salesforce, Dropbox, Microsoft Office365, Google Docs), another public cloud for highly scalable compute, storage and web infrastructure (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud), and yet another private cloud for persistent workloads or for securing private information from the public internet.

The issue is further compounded when scaling your cloud networking solutions across national boundaries, geo-political regions and international operations where data sovereignty and global latency matter to local markets, local customers and local end users. I see these challenges every day while working with customers and prospects.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

There are multiple network connectivity solutions and approaches available, which can often add even more complexity and uncertainty for customers. Layer 2 or layer 3 connectivity? Will a traditional Cloud Exchange solve all my problems? Even dark fiber and waves (lit fiber) can work if the customer wants to manage their network. One size certainly does not fit all.

And there are alternatives to traditional, centralized cloud exchanges — where you must meet them where they are versus really meeting your needs. How about a cloud exchange that meets you where you are…your premise, your data center partner, your choice?

Imagine a virtual cloud exchange as a global, private network. Once on the network, you can connect to whatever you want. Any cloud provider. Any data center provider. Anywhere. And privately, not over the public internet, as required. Novel concept, huh? You wouldn’t have to “meet” in a meet-me-room and go out of your way to get to your chosen cloud provider. Probably more cost effective too, right? Especially if you don’t need to purchase space and power.

Imagine a company that can provide you a full stack of communications infrastructure and provide the cloud and networking expertise to help design, implement and manage the right connectivity and the right private, hybrid or federated cloud environment that meets your needs.

Whether it’s premise-to-cloud, data center-to-cloud or cloud-to-cloud, Zayo’s CloudLink can provide the right configuration with the high-performance connectivity to make it all work together. It’s all part of our commitment to “Your Cloud, Your Way.”

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