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The Catalyst for Next Generation Healthcare: Data Mobility

By: Hilary Nalven, Director, Zayo Healthcare Segment

We’re generating and consuming data at an extraordinary pace, with estimates that the total accumulation of the past two years — a zettabyte — is more than has been amassed in all of human history.

Zayo-IT Infrastructure-HealthcareAt HIMSS Summit of the Southeast 2016 earlier this month, Zayo’s Dennis Kyle addressed the opportunities and challenges of data mobility in healthcare. These two converging trends have implications for public and private providers and organizations. How do we move, store, process and analyze large volumes of data — and how do we make it available anytime, anywhere and on any device?

The industry is moving beyond just digitized and data analytics into technology that can digitize every human being in high definition. Already, estimates indicate that 70 percent of healthcare clinicians use mobile devices to access growing volumes of data. Reliable connections, a frustrating weakness of early generations of mobile, are critical in healthcare. It’s one thing to have a staff call drop and another altogether to have a service disruption in the middle of a telesurgery procedure.


As providers increasingly adopt innovative technologies including high-resolution imaging, telemedicine, personalized medicine and genomics, the need for “future-proof” IT infrastructure is acute. Zayo is keenly focused on addressing these trends with dedicated, high-capacity fiber connectivity and a growing footprint of secure data centers for colocation and cloud (Infrastructure as a Service).

Even when it comes to mobile technology, capacity depends in large part on fiber in the ground to connect the towers and small cells to the fiber backbone. We’re working with the major wireless carriers to extend and densify their networks, which will improve quality, reliability and lay the foundation for 5G. On a national and global level, we continue to expand and upgrade our fiber network and data center footprint.


We’re partnering with healthcare customers to understand their specific challenges and help them implement infrastructure that can support data mobility. For example, a renowned east-coast children’s hospital developed a network built on Zayo’s private wavelengths to transport patient records, imaging, video, and other sensitive information over a secure, diverse network accessible from multiple devices. The flexible configuration will enable the provider to scale for years to come.

Another example: a leading healthcare provider in the Southeast is leveraging our cloud, connectivity and colocation capabilities to rapidly scale their IT infrastructure. This provider hosts its EHR system in a zColo data center and relies on Zayo’s private cloud to support infusion pumps and medical imaging applications. By utilizing a hybrid approach, the health system is able to achieve a cost-effective solution that prioritizes its critical care applications.

Here in Colorado, UCHealth is creating one contiguous network leveraging hundreds of our fiber miles across the state, connecting facilities and supporting their advanced EHR platform to meet the challenges of an increasingly digital healthcare landscape.The network infrastructure supports life-critical data, so maximum privacy, security and reliability, and low latency
were also key requirements for the health system. The solution includes long haul and metro dark fiber to infinitely scale bandwidth, and Ethernet/IP for a completely privatized WAN that enables staff and patient communication as well as data transfer. Zayo’s colocation services also provide low latency and redundancy for all EMR and ERP systems.


Healthcare is no longer toward the end of the adoption curve when it comes to mobile data and advanced IT infrastructure. Driven by a desire to revolutionize patient care with innovative technology, healthcare IT teams are quickly moving to a position of leadership.

How will your organization support the next generation of healthcare?


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