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Case Study #2

Importance of Security

The very nature of what we’re doing is extracting private information from client data and passing that data between multiple points. The very foundation of that is security and being able to provide that service to our customers in a secure fashion is what drove us to come into the Latisys Center. We can’t provide the level of physical security, power cooling all of the stuff that it takes to keep servers running in a reliable fashion.

Evolutionary Process & Flexible Process

Those three components that really helped us get things going it was the evolutionary process that was available to move from managed services into our own co-linked located equipment and then to move off the firewall and managed services. I have to admit those are the greatest part about those is their dynamic functionality and being able to bring them on quick and being able to turn them down quick. But they’re also more pricy

Better Service at Lower Costs

The security challenge is probably the biggest one we’ve had to deal with. By utilizing a group of services from Latisys we are able to, in a timely manner, avoid building our own servers, turning them up and down the scale on demand with managed services. Our core services are routed through our own core co-located services on site. Over time we’ve been able to reduce our bill and provide better services to our customers as we’ve developed the project further.

Stability and Support

One of the best things I like about what I’ve had here at Latisys is the fact that as the facility has grown and advanced, the group of people here has remained constant because that’s why I’m here. I feel like there’s a lot of facilities that can provide me with bandwidth and nice cool air. The location too and proximity to our business is very important, and with that comes the fact that you guys have a great team to help put our services together. That is a big sticking point for us being here at Latisys.

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