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Zayo Veterans

Climb the Ranks at Zayo

Zayo’s commitment to hiring driven, influential and proactive leaders goes without saying. We pride ourselves on building an inclusive and diverse workplace, while creating unique experiences and career opportunities that retain and attract some of the world’s most skilled and hardworking individuals – our veterans.

Our nation’s veterans are among some of Zayo’s most valuable employees, and it’s easy to see why. Veterans share our same values in integrity, leadership, teamwork and work ethic. This is why we’ve built a proven path to achievement for veterans, complete with competitive benefits, room to grow and the exposure to an industry that’s fast paced and challenging.

Why Zayo for Veterans

  • Competitive compensation packages
  • Paid parental leave
  • Quarterly incentive compensation and stock grants
  • Complete benefits package fit for you and your family
  • Exposure to a fast-growing industry
  • Professional development and skills training
  • Versatile roles and mobility across the organization
  • Opportunities to lead teams and make decisions that can impact the entire company
  • Access to veteran networking within Zayo and our community
  • Teambuilding opportunities

Zayo doesn’t just appreciate our veteran workforce. We give them the tools they need to augment their extensive skills for a long-lasting career. Are you ready to climb the ranks at Zayo?

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