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Not Menial.

Your Experience as an Intern at Zayo

Pursue your passion and cultivate your entrepreneurial spirit with our professional mentorship opportunities, expert panel speaker events, challenging projects and on-the-job training.

Explore Opportunities

Our summer internship program provides you with the chance to make a real impact in an international organization. Whether you’re a high school, undergraduate or graduate student, our 10-week summer program will allow you to challenge yourself and gain insight into your future career path. We highly encourage you to develop and practice professional skills – and to have some fun, too.

Want to learn more about Zayo from someone in your field? Grab a coffee with us! Email ZayoCoffeeClub@zayo.com.




Talent Development

Practicing Company-wide Entrepreneurship

At Zayo, entrepreneurship thinking and innovation are essential to our approach. Zayo employees participate in regular company-wide hackathons — fostering teamwork across departments and supporting innovative thinking. Zayo employees are also encouraged to be involved with the greater startup ecosystem in Colorado by attending events and partnering with local companies.

Is there a better goal than accelerating educational opportunities for students at all levels of learning? At Zayo, we don’t think so. In fact, this is one of the ways we stay true to our mission. For us, it starts with an active, collaborative and inclusive business culture. But we don’t stop there. We engage students and empower early-stage careers, encouraging the development of technical skills and the establishment of long-term goals.


Giving Back

Zayo teams up with organizations like The Women’s Foundation of Colorado, Colorado STEM, WILD Summit, Greenhouse Scholars, Built In Colorado and more, to promote entrepreneurship, attract underrepresented groups to STEM fields and help empower the Colorado technology community.

Zayo was also recently awarded with the Progressive Board Award by the Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce in recognition of women on their board of directors, and was the 2015 inaugural recipient of the Colorado Governor’s Citizenship Medal for corporate citizenship. Learn more about their work in the community.

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