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Can your enterprise handle a flood of fake network traffic?

Defend your network with Zayo’s DDoS Mitigation Service

In the aftermath of the last fall’s widespread distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, businesses and the government are getting serious about mitigation. DDoS attacks, which overwhelm a network with a flood of incoming traffic, have grown in sophistication, including ransomware-based DDoS attacks from bad actors like “Lizard Squad” and “PoodleCorp.” The capability for high-volume attacks is increasing as well. We’re in the 1-TBps DDoS era, according to a recent report from Cisco, and organizations must be prepared.

That’s why it’s surprising that fewer than 40 percent of large organizations have DDoS protection. Traditional security tools such as firewalls and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) are useless against DDoS attacks, which can’t be fought at your office locations. The threats must be blocked upstream before they reach your network. The impact of an attack is disruptive and costly. Experts estimate that individual DDoS attacks can cost enterprises nearly $450,000 per incident.

Zayo’s cloud-based DDoS Mitigation Service provides advanced detection and mitigation technologies to combat DDoS attacks. This product provides an important layer of defense and monitoring on Zayo’s international Tier 1 IP network. Through updated software and hardware deployments, Zayo can identify malicious traffic and reroute through a system that identifies and drops the traffic, while allowing flow of real data to the sites.

Our solution also uses advanced behavioral analytic technology, which can look deeply into each packet in order to decide if it should be dropped. Behavioral analytics are less prone to false positives than simple rate-based analysis.

DDoS mitigation is part of Zayo’s focus on an expanded portfolio of cyber security offerings on top of an already proven IP infrastructure. Only a continually evolving cyber security plan can protect an enterprise from these perpetually emerging threats. Zayo’s security experts work with you to develop a tailored security solution. As the attacks become more sophisticated and unpredictable, Zayo is committed to staying a step ahead.

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