Zayo Launches Live Video Transcode Platform Powered by the Cloud

By: Devin Riker, Product Manager & Michael Waters, Director, Media Engineering

Broadcasters and media network operators are migrating from hardware based transcode to cloud enabled transcoding to support multi platform delivery and remote production. Cloud-based solutions can scale and deliver processing power on demand, with favorable economics that are consumption-based versus physical 24/7 ownership.

Many broadcasters have opted for owning and operating transcoding equipment and software, primarily because they want their live programming to be available on video on demand as soon after transmission as possible. As a result, this equipment requires space and power all of the time can remain idle much of the time.

Zayo is launching a solution that provides cloud-based live video transcoding, delivering processing power on demand. Our Live Video Transcode Platform delivers a high-quality, low latency transcode solution for live video workflows. The solution also encodes live video streams and uses compression technology for distribution.

For example, a typical workflow for the Live Video Transcode Platform includes the transport of video from the source location to the Zayo Cloud. It is then transcoded from a JPEG 2000 standards based handoff directly to H.264. The solution then provides multiple handoffs of the same signal at different bitrates and resolutions for distribution.

Zayo is ideally positioned to deliver and support this solution as part of our Live Video solutions. We own and operate a core video network throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe with direct access to key destinations, customer sites and venues. In addition to monitoring our fibre network, our 24×7 Video Network Control Centre provides dedicated management of our video network. Our pricing for Live Video Transcode provides customers with the advantages of Zayo’s owned assets, including cloud infrastructure.

The new Transcode Platform is powered from our secure, cloud-enabled data centres, located in strategic markets across the country. We can also incorporate Zayo’s Object-Based Storage solution, which provides cost-effective data storage with capacity that ranges from small terabyte-sized store up to multi-petabytes with secure multi-tenancy.

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