Spread Networks: The Next Chapter

The financial industry has come a long way since using open telephone lines from one exchange to another to place trades. High bandwidth optical fibre offers point-to-point trading connections between high speed servers that represent modern day financial exchanges. While technology continues to advance in the race to zero latency, Spread’s rise to the top was rather simple: Build the straightest path between Chicago and New York, reducing the fibre miles and therefore reducing the latency.

But when Spread Networks began tunneling its ultra-low latency, straight-path fibre route between Chicago and New York, it wasn’t big news. Spread was careful to keep this industry-disrupting project under secrecy, allowing only its investors — the country’s largest high frequency traders, hedge funds and banks — to learn of its plans. Ultimately, it was the fortitude to break ground, the elite base of early investors and the premium price tag that created both a mystique and a reputation for “white glove” support that is unmatched in the industry.

Since going live in 2010, Spread’s “straight as the crow flies” route has remained the lowest latency fibre connection between the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and Nasdaq data centres. The strategic acquisition of Spread Networks by Zayo completes Zayo’s coast-to-coast low latency routes and provides access points to key financial exchanges in North America, Europe and to Asia-Pacific and Latin America through our global reach partnerships.

Our intent in creating Spread Networks by Zayo is to bring the best of both companies for the benefit of our customers. Spread Networks will continue its relentless focus on low latency and premium service. Zayo’s expansive fibre infrastructure provides a foundation for additional low and ultra-low latency routes, enabling fast, full service infrastructure for the trading community.

When microseconds equate to millions of dollars, even the fastest fibre is not always fast enough. New microwave assets acquired through Spread Networks offer the lowest latency connectivity within the New York/New Jersey financial corridor. For our customers who trade faster than fibre, Spread Networks by Zayo will continue to evaluate opportunities to expand our microwave network to additional strategic locations.

The combination of Spread’s industry-leading fibre routes, high speed microwave technology and Zayo’s established fibre footprint will enable customers to execute on global, multi-asset class trading strategies on a single, best-in-class network.

Trade faster and smarter with Spread Networks by Zayo. For more information, please contact your Zayo account representative or email financialsales@zayo.com.