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IT is dramatically changing operations across every industry

Data automation and advanced connectivity are challenging existing value chains. Improved network and bandwidth infrastructure solutions are helping forward-thinking businesses to evolve and improve their competitiveness in the global marketplace.

The utility industry is in transformation – it’s moving to a more proactive and intelligent business model that requires the ability to access, store and analyse large volumes of data for predictive analysis. This information will enable utilities to forecast energy consumption, calculate the best points for infrastructure expansion, optimise energy use, minimise downtime and reduce costs.

Our high-bandwidth, fully customisable solutions are ideal for the utilities sector since they address the need to manage large networks across geographically diverse locations.

We offer our customers considerable experience in consolidating and reducing IT footprints in remote and rugged sites. Our flexible, diverse networks, help them connect their corporate headquarters, data centres, business offices, control centres, substations and field devices – ensuring high reliability for mission-critical applications.

In addition to providing traditional services such as SCADA, mobile data and work management systems, we support the development of grid monitoring and management applications, including asset monitoring, voltage optimisation and distribution automation. Our security processes provide well-documented and validated data protection and meet strict security standards such as NERC and CIP.

Zayo’s utilities sector solutions include:

  • Fibre and communication asset management
  • Monitor, control and protect network engineering
  • Backbone, access, field area network RF engineering and project management
  • Network and cyber infrastructure protection security consulting

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