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Technology has added a whole new dimension to research and education.

Connected campuses now have the ability to collaborate and share resources. Online learning is bringing exciting new multimedia resources to the classroom. Students and researchers can now study and work remotely by accessing curricula and interactive e-learning tools online.

With our fibre-based infrastructure we help make it all happen. We’re the partner for education and research at institutions of higher learning.

Whether it’s solving your network challenges to enable advanced research, improving your campus cyber infrastructure or enhancing your school’s technological capabilities, we’ve got both the experience and infrastructure to do it.

Zayo Solutions

  • Dark Fibre: a pair of fibres from existing infrastructure or new construction
  • Ethernet: E-LAN and E-Line from 100 Mb to 10 Gb
  • Dedicated Internet Access: Up to 10 Gb on Zayo’s Tier-1 network
  • Hybrid Solutions: dark and lit services from the same vendor

Zayo Differentiators

  • Deep metro fibre
  • Scalable solutions that adapt to the needs of the institutions
  • Support and management of fibre-optic networks providing bandwidth speed and reliability
  • Network Convergence – integration that allows us to deliver better service at a lower cost
  • Long contract terms that allow you to capitalize network expenses
  • Connectivity for multiple sites to a hub location

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