UK & Ireland Network

The UK and Ireland are a central hub for hosting, financial services, content providers and more. Our extensive fibre optic infrastructure with a full suite of products includes key communication hubs such as Docklands, Manchester, Slough and Dublin.

With extensive metro and long-haul fibre around the UK, as well as transatlantic capabilities, connectivity onward to Europe and a diverse network infrastructure to Dublin, we can provide communications solutions to support your business needs in the UK and Ireland.

The Zayo fibre optic infrastructure spans more than 3,000 miles and connects over 250 data centres and BT exchanges via exceptional network routes. The network spans from Glasgow to London and connects other cities and markets such as Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds and Edinburgh.

Our unique routes include a national network that follows the national gas pipelines and a London network built in the Victorian sewer system. We can also provide diversity and resilience from other infrastructure providers in the UK for your mission-critical activities.

Not only is Ireland the gateway between the UK and the United States, it is a hub for businesses to host their data. Utilising FibreSpeed’s North Wales infrastructure, we have the newest diverse, high-performance network connecting London and Dublin.

Offering seamless connectivity from one supplier, we can provide services between the UK, Ireland, the United States and continental Europe. With our offerings that include dark fibre, Ethernet, wavelengths and IP, we will work with you to decide what will work for your company’s needs now and in the future.