Managed WAN/LAN

Networks are becoming increasingly complex, time-consuming and expensive to oversee. Leave the complexity to us so you can focus on serving your customers and generating value for your business. Zayo not only provides network solutions — we can manage them for you.

Outsource to the Experts

Our Managed Wide Area Network (WAN) services include monitoring, maintenance, dispatch, reporting, planning and testing.  We help ensure operational and network stability even as business conditions change.

Zayo Managed WAN services provide several functions you can use when designing and deploying a quality IP network infrastructure to support your business goals and strategy. Among them:

  • Management of all day-to-day aspects of network activities
  • Pro-active monitoring of the network and tracking significant events
  • Rapid response to potential problems anywhere in the network
  • Maintaining operational stability even as business conditions change
  • Access to premier networking expertise

Zayo Managed WAN features include:

  • 24/7/365 Incident Management and Notifications
  • Configuration Assistance and Management by a Dedicated Resource
  • Network Performance Reporting
  • Capacity Planning
  • Disaster Recovery Testing

A Well Managed Wide Area Network can:

Improve Business Continuity
Zayo Managed WAN enables your business to operate with a higher uptime using proactive 24/7 monitoring and best practice change management procedures.

Provide Cost Savings
Subscribing to Zayo Managed WAN reduces an organization’s investment costs in specialized personnel or in monitoring and reporting systems. Zayo networking professionals will work with your organization as an extension of your IT team to support your ever changing environment.

Increase Productivity
Zayo Managed WAN improves the performance of your network, allowing essential business applications to run more efficiently –increasing employee productivity and delivering faster and better business results.

Why Zayo?

Your experience with Zayo should be easy and effortless. Our focus is helping you simplify IT operations while allowing you to improve productivity, reduce complexity, maximize performance and manage costs. Our Managed WAN services offer customers stability, enhanced productivity and will continuously deliver peak performance for users.

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