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Delivering the Ultimate in Secure Internet Connectivity

Zayo is a top-performing IP services provider. Our carrier-grade IP network provides customers in eight countries with broad market coverage, a deep metro footprint and vast data centre connectivity. Plus, we own the underlying infrastructure, which allows us to quickly and efficiently scale as network demand reaches 50% capacity.


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We have the second-most-peered IP network in North America, according to Dyn Research, which we maintain by connecting directly with other Tier-1 IP providers and many other key networks. Our peering arrangements combined with our deep metro footprint to deliver high-bandwidth solutions with minimal hops and great performance.

Our IP Service features:

  • 150 IP POPs serving over 10,000 fibre-fed locations
  • An owned fibre backbone for conservative capacity augment thresholds
  • Flexibility in offering and global aggregate commit
  • Over 3TB of backbone traffic on the Zayo IP network
  • A dedicated IP NOC that offers unparalleled responsiveness
  • SLAs for availability, latency, packet loss and jitter
  • A dedicated IP NOC that offers unparalleled responsiveness
  • Fully peered in IPv4 and IPv6

Dedicated Internet Access (DIA)

Our Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) service leverages our global IP backbone and deep metro footprint to deliver optimal connectivity between customer locations and the Internet. It’s all fully dedicated and delivered directly over a metro circuit to our Tier-1 IP backbone.

Suitable for businesses requiring a permanent, high-speed Internet connection, DIA delivers 100M-100G of bandwidth with on-demand scalability. It also helps maximise business efficiency with the combination of our reliable access technology, optical fibre network and proactive management practices, which include customer-administered, web-based service monitoring.

Our DIA services are available as an end-to-end bundles or in sections. You can bundle alongside other Zayo transport, colocation and interconnection services.

Billing options include individual commit, global commit or commit plus burst, billed on the 95th percentile.

IP Transit Services

As a Tier-1 provider of IP Transit Services, we offer transit in the critical North America and European data centres and Internet exchange points, and serve some of the largest carriers and content companies in the world.

Our IP network connects more than 750 data centres and over 650 carrier PoPs in eight

countries, and we own our domestic dense wave division multiplexing (DWDM) backbone, which allows for quick and efficient network augments. In addition to the U.S., we provide IP Transit services in Canada, the UK, Germany, France and the Netherlands, which are supported with a fully redundant network across geographically diverse network operations centres (NOCs).  We minimise hops by leveraging this scale to serve a large and growing number of networks and content providers.

Billing options include commit or commit plus burstable billing, billed on the 95th percentile.


Our end-to-end Virtual Private Network (VPN) service is delivered on our global owned optical network and supports the secure transmission of information between multiple corporate locations. Our strong IP/MPLS backbone and deep metro fibre is a cost-effective and reliable way to ensure your critical traffic reaches its destination quickly and securely.

You can support high-bandwidth, real-time or near real-time applications with multiple classes of service offerings and create prioritisation schemes to handle some or all of your traffic. Our IP-VPN provides secure Layer 3 connectivity between your locations using private IP routing and leverages our QoS-enabled IP/MPLS network. We also maintain optimal security by uniquely identifying and separating customer VPNs from all other traffic.

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