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Secure, Scalable Resources When You Need Them

With Zayo’s private cloud you can reap the benefits of the scalability, agility and flexibility of the cloud but with increased security and control over your mission-critical data.

Exactly What You Need, When You Need It

Every aspect of your private cloud solution is customised to your specific performance needs. Quickly deploy and scale back your compute and storage resources as your IT infrastructure requirements change.

Secure and Redundant

Your private cloud is on hardware that is dedicated to your business, so others cannot impact your security and performance. Server redundancy provides 99.99% virtual machine uptime, ensuring that your data is always accessible should disaster strike. Our comprehensive security and compliance solutions safeguard your sensitive information, and we can help you design and deploy a disaster recovery solution tailored to your exact requirements.

Extension of Team

Our Zayo Cloud experts give you the support you need to get the most out of your cloud, so your IT staff can focus on your core business instead of running your infrastructure. Providing a 24/7/365 support environment, we are constantly monitoring your service uptime, ensuring optimal performance.

The Best Infrastructure Money Can Buy, Without Buying It

Zayo Private Cloud lets you take advantage of the latest hardware and software technologies, best-of-breed platform services and expert operations talent in a truly enterprise-grade infrastructure solution.

Benefits of Zayo’s Private Cloud:

  • Greater control over resources and investments
  • Faster provisioning reduces order-to-cash cycle
  • Expert support so each customer gets the most out of the cloud
  • Increased security vs. public cloud
  • Flexibility, agility and scalability for better innovation, planning and maneuverability
  • Hands-on expertise and new technologies with limited risk and no learning curve
  • Highly reliable and resilient infrastructure tailored to customer needs

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