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Because ‘virtualisation’ isn’t always the answer

Let’s say you have a system that requires high input/output operations (IOPs). Or demands high memory utilisation. Usually, these systems perform better on dedicated hardware instead of on a commodity cloud environment with shared virtual resources.

Zayo’s Dedicated Server solution features the latest HP Proliant Servers, with up to four 18-core processors and 1.5 terabytes of memory, delivering enough processing punch to power any application. What’s more, we continually monitor the underlying hardware and maintain critical spare servers on site to help ensure quick repairs.

Simple. Complex.
Dedicated to Your Success.

Zayo delivers dedicated solutions for all your needs. It could be a simple managed hosting solution with a single server. Or it could be a complex multilayer infrastructure service on a private cloud with application and database servers.

Whatever the solution, you get the flexibility to meet your requirements, the reliability to keep your business online and the scalability to grow with your business.

Every Zayo Dedicated Server solution features:

  • Fully independent, high-power and dedicated servers assigned exclusively to your operations
  • A one-hour hardware replacement SLA
  • Flexible service, licensing and hosting programs
  • Premium, multi-carrier bandwidth
  • Seamless system integration with varied OS management

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