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The Fast Lane to Public Cloud Computing

Imagine yourself in the driver’s seat of a Ferrari hypercar. Which road would you choose: a 12-lane superhighway — or a pothole-ridden gravel lane? It’s an analogy that applies to cloud computing. Your cloud provider’s performance is only as good as your connectivity solution.

The importance of private connectivity to the cloud on a reliable, secure and low-latency network is more important than ever in high-performance cloud computing. Zayo’s CloudLink delivers the Fast Lane to the cloud that you require – addressing your public internet network connectivity issues. And is delivered on a global network by a trusted, consultative, and flexible partner – Zayo.

CloudLink provides direct network connectivity to over 50 cloud providers and over 300 cloud on-ramps globally. Whether you need multiple cloud connections or just one, we utilize our industry-leading fibre communications infrastructure across Dark Fibre, Wavelengths, Ethernet and IP Services, including pre-provisioned network connections up to 10Gbps, to deliver cloud connectivity solutions more flexibly, cost effectively, and with greater performance than traditional network service providers and cloud exchanges.

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A Smarter Way to Direct Connect to the Cloud

CloudLink provides enterprises and data centres with an on-ramp to Zayo’s secure network, supporting high-performance bandwidth options across dark fibre, layer-1, -2, and -3 configurations, and scalable connectivity directly to all major cloud providers. API integration enables efficient provisioning, and as demand increases to actively manage network topologies, software-defined network (SDN) technology will support full automation and dynamic network configurations. High-touch service, including 24-7 NOC coverage, ensures CloudLink works in your network across all your chosen cloud service providers.


Why CloudLink?

Private Cloud Connection

  • Guaranteed network security, performance, & availability
  • Private connectivity through the Zayo network
  • Avoid public internet congestion

Reach: Zayo’s Global Network

  • 365 markets served
  • CloudLink is an on-ramp to the Zayo network
  • Access to the leading cloud providers


  • Flexible Service Level Agreements (SLA)

  • Multiple Commercial Structures: custom pricing & FlexConnect usage-based pricing

  • Multiple Protocols with turnkey and transport options: Ethernet, IPVPN, Waves, & Dark Fibre

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CloudLink: Bringing the Cloud Exchange to You

Zayo brings the cloud exchange to you via Zayo CloudLink, to enable your federated and hybrid cloud infrastructure. Leverage Zayo’s global network and flexible, dedicated bandwidth solutions to privately connect to the world’s largest cloud computing providers. As a certified partner, only Zayo can connect you effortlessly, flexibly and consistently to Amazon Web Services (AWS) Direct Connect, Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute, Google Cloud Interconnect (GCI) and others like Salesforce Express Connect. Zayo’s fibre network spans continents and is continually growing, meeting your global business needs today and tomorrow.

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