Feet on the Ground? Head to the Cloud.

Why Zayo’s zColo & CloudLink Work so Well Together

By: Milos Marjanovic, Vice President, Product Management

More and more enterprises are recognizing the benefits of utilizing both traditional colocation services and public cloud resources. In fact, “Gartner predicts that by 2020, 90 percent of organizations will adopt hybrid infrastructure management capabilities.”

At Zayo, we offer clients colocation services in our zColo facilities and direct cloud connectivity through our CloudLink solution. zColo and CloudLink work together incredibly well for enterprises. Here’s how:

Best of Both Worlds

Companies often move specific applications and workloads to the cloud for its flexibility and cost savings while keeping their highest security and most sensitive data in a secure colocation facility. Additionally, companies may choose to run workloads in the cloud to take advantage of specific cloud platforms such as Azure or VMware. However, to store data in a highly-customizable, low-management infrastructure environment, a data centre — such as a zColo facility — is often the way to go.

Colocation and cloud go hand-in-hand, and by combining zColo and CloudLink, it has never been easier to take advantage of the best of both worlds.

Creative Data Centre Solutions

zColo by Zayo offers 50 highly audited, highly compliant colocation data centre facilities in 30+ markets worldwide offering colocation, cloud and connectivity. From single cabinets to complex suites, our data centre facilities have flexible space and power options to meet an enterprise’s individual infrastructure needs. Leveraging Zayo’s 12 million fibre miles globally, zColo offers creative and cost-effective colocation solutions for companies of multiple sizes from a wide range of industries.

zColo keeps your “feet on the ground” for data and workloads that need the highest level of control and management.

Increased Agility with Direct Cloud Connectivity

As companies continue adopting the public cloud, zColo is now their easiest way to connect to the public clouds they are utilizing. CloudLink connects enterprises from zColo facilities directly to AWS, Azure, GCP and other public clouds. Enterprises with CloudLink increase the security, reliability and performance of their cloud connections as well as optimize their costs. Savvy enterprises using colo and multi-cloud for their storage and compute needs can implement CloudLink in order to build or optimize their strategic network infrastructure plan with flexibility and agility. Because CloudLink is already in zColo facilities, they can quickly add or remove connections to their chosen public cloud service providers.

CloudLink enables customers to “head to the cloud” with high-performance, direct cloud connections.

Seamless Combination

zColo and CloudLink are built to work together. Companies already in a zColo facility simply turn on a CloudLink connection to their chosen cloud service provider(s) and reap the benefits of a dynamic colocation and cloud connectivity combination.

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