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Maintenance Cases API provides customers with a system-to-system avenue to Tranzact’s Maintenance Cases engine with the ability to monitor maintenance events, impact per circuit ID and notifications.


The Zayo Maintenance Cases API is composed of a series of API calls that are intended to be leveraged sequentially with each request/response cycle providing the required inputs for the next step in the Maintenance Case flow. Although it is best practice to have a typical series of requests following this lifecycle from beginning to end, it is not required and not the only workflow that can be constructed.

Maintenance Cases

Returns all maintenance cases under the user account

Maintenance Impacts

Returns all maintenance impacts under the user account

Maintenance Notifications

Returns available maintenance notifications based on caseNumber

Maintenance Notification Details

Returns maintenance notification details by Maintenance Notification name





Release Calendar

Version 1.0.0 BETA

Release Date: June 2019

Earliest End of Life Date: June 2021

Description: BETA Release

All Tranzact APIs follow the industry standard versioning semantics with a robust versioning policy to ensure continuous improvement without negatively impacting customers

Refer to Service Level Agreement for additional details.

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Version 1.0.0 BETA

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