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Ad Tech Turns to Zayo for Integrated Infrastructure

By: Hannah Wanderer, SVP, Customer Success & Digital Innovation

Low-latency Networks, High-capacity Data Centers Provide Performance Advantage

I’ve been jogging at the same unimpressive pace for years. So, I turned to YouTube to see how I could step it up. It didn’t take long to determine that speed workouts probably aren’t for me. After a little more surfing, I decided to check out Facebook. First post in my newsfeed? You guessed it. A sponsored post from a major running shoe brand.

Powering Programmatic Advertising

Chances are, you have had many, many similar experiences, thanks to programmatic advertising. It is greatly disrupting traditional mass-market advertising because it can target and retarget us so precisely. And, that targeting capability is expected to improve even further. Enter the dynamic media distribution of out-of-home advertising. Experts predict the use of digital signs, billboards and screens will continue to merge the online and offline worlds of advertising.

The technology behind all of this is pretty amazing. Automation and algorithms now facilitate millions of buying and selling opportunities every second. For companies working in Ad Tech, the focus is typically on innovating the front end solutions—the applications that do the actual analysis, bidding and targeting. Frequently overlooked: the back end, including the network and communications infrastructure. It is the high octane gasoline that makes the performance engine, the app or solution, run at peak levels. That’s where Zayo comes in. We have the low-latency fiber networks, high-performance data centers and customized solutions to power that engine, giving Ad Tech companies on both the supply and demand side, the speed and performance advantage they need.

To illustrate, consider my example. Shoe Brand X and Shoe Brand Y are continually mining data via their data management platform, looking for potential consumers like me. As soon as I landed on a specific YouTube running channel, both brands simultaneously pushed their real-time bids (RTBs) to target me to an ad exchange—the automated broker between the data seller and the ad buyer. Unfortunately, Brand X’s network experienced some lag. Brand Y, however, got its bid to the exchange first, completed the transaction, and pushed the ad out to me. All of this, of course, happens in milliseconds—literally a blink of an eye.

These transactions repeat themselves millions of times every second, everyday—adding up to massive volumes of data that have to be stored, accessed and transported in real time. Zayo’s complete portfolio of solutions—connectivity, colocation and cloud—provides an ideal way for Ad Tech companies to handle these immense data workloads.

High-speed, Low-latency Connectivity

Zayo’s all-fiber backbone—12.2 million fiber miles across North America and Europe—includes low-latency and ultra-low latency routes that enable data transport measured in milliseconds. Our customer base has moved beyond Wall Street to Ad Tech, content and gaming companies that need to transport data in real time. We offer both dark fiber infrastructure and a range of secure, dedicated “lit” fiber solutions, including optical wavelengths. Plus, we offer critical diversity so an outage won’t disrupt your business.

Expansive Colocation

From single cabinets to complex suites, our data center facilities have flexible space and ability to support high-density power loads. We now have more than 50 interconnection-rich data centers in top and edge markets, with carrier-neutral connections to the world’s largest ISPs and content providers—and access to our expansive network.

Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Zayo’s hybrid infrastructure as a service (IaaS) combines private cloud, public cloud and dedicated hosting, offering today’s best approach to right-size your infrastructure and obtain all the performance, capacity, services and scale you need. We can also connect you to the cloud, offering connectivity over a dedicated network to more than 35 public cloud on-ramps globally.

My jogging may never get faster. But I’m confident we can help your Ad Tech company move data faster, process workloads more effectively, scale more efficiently, all while providing you a critical performance advantage in a very dynamic marketplace.

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