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Accelerating Access to Cloud Connectivity

By: Tyler Coates, Senior Vice President - Enterprise

Self-service, on-demand access to cloud resources is in great demand by enterprises in this era of digital transformation and digital growth. Zayo’s CloudLink team has been working closely with Ciena Blue Planet to build a new CloudLink feature enabling enterprises to order, activate, and provision connectivity to public cloud resources in real-time, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS). The end result will be more rapid, flexible, elastic cloud connectivity, which is consistent with how customers want to access cloud resources today.

This new orchestrated CloudLink feature combines SDN, LSO, Carrier Ethernet (CE) technology, and API integration with Blue Planet Multi-Domain Service Orchestration (MDSO) to enable rapid service delivery, higher customer satisfaction, and more optimal cloud ROI for enterprises utilizing the public cloud. Building upon Tranzact, Zayo’s e-commerce and self-service platform, this feature will allow enterprises to turn direct cloud connections on and off quickly and easily. This means that a customer will be able to activate and provision cloud connectivity from any on-net location to any of approximately 50 AWS on-ramps worldwide within minutes as compared to hours elsewhere.

The solution is aligned with today’s on-demand world, enabling businesses to scale up or down and pay for only the service they use. Rapid provisioning of direct cloud connections will empower enterprises to take direct cloud connectivity into their own hands by supporting large-scale cloud migrations, facilitating of multi-cloud connectivity, and offering a pay-as-you-go commercial model.

This week, we’ll be unveiling this leading-edge functionality during MEF18 in Los Angeles, where we will demonstrate “Self-Service, Agile, Orchestrated CloudLink” live at the Proof of Concept Showcase. The final product is expected to be available in 2019. Come see us to discover how CloudLink can benefit you.

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