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Electric Lightwave Acquisition FAQ

Electric Lightwave Acquisition FAQ

What’s the rationale for Zayo’s acquisition of Electric Lightwave?

The Electric Lightwave acquisition adds 8,100 route miles of long haul fiber and 4,000 miles of dense metro fiber to Zayo’s network. It advances Zayo’s position as the leading independent communications infrastructure provider with broad geographic reach throughout North America and Western Europe. Customers from both companies will benefit from new network routes and capabilities, which include dense metro fiber in key metropolitan markets and extensive on-net connectivity.

How will this acquisition benefit customers?

This acquisition brings an expanded fiber footprint and capabilities for both Zayo and Electric Lightwave customers. Zayo customers will benefit from diverse, high-capacity routes in the West and Pacific Northwest that provide new ways to traverse geographies. The acquisition also adds dense metro fiber across Denver, Minneapolis, Phoenix, Portland, Seattle, Sacramento, San Francisco, San Jose, Salt Lake City, Spokane and Boise, with on-net connectivity to more than 3,100 enterprise buildings and 100 data centers.

For Electric Lightwave’s enterprise and carrier customers, the acquisition will mean access to Zayo’s global fiber footprint and infrastructure solutions, including millions of global fiber miles, more than 60 data centers and a portfolio of fiber, transport and enterprise network solutions.

ELI provides voice and unified communications services to SMBs, which isn’t consistent with Zayo’s business model. What is the plan for these customers?

The plan is to reorganize ELI into two business units with the goal of providing all of our customers with a targeted suite of services and a focused level of support. ELI’s communications infrastructure business, which is similar to Zayo’s, will immediately be integrated into Zayo. ELI’s voice and small/medium enterprise business, which has been marketed as Integra, will be combined with Zayo’s Canadian voice and small/medium enterprise business. This structure will enable both business units to focus on the services and solutions to meet the specific needs of their customer bases.

Should Electric Lightwave customers expect immediate changes?

New infrastructure solutions for enterprise and carrier customers of both companies are available immediately through account representatives or via Tranzact. Zayo and ELI share a commitment to high-performance, resilient secure solutions, backed by exceptional customer service and 24×7 network support. There are no immediate changes to services, contracts or billing.

How quickly will expanded services be available?

Many solutions are available now. With Zayo’s unique online Tranzact platform, customers may go online, explore our expanded infrastructure, receive a quote and even place an order. Of course, our account representatives and customer care staff are always available to answer questions and provide consultation.

Are there more transactions in the works for Zayo?

We continually identify and evaluate opportunities that are aligned with our communications infrastructure strategy and can generate value for customers and shareholders.

For more information, view the press release.